Friday, September 4, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Ok first off, let me apologize for my absence...the past two weeks have been CRAZY busy, with school starting and I was dogsitting and had no was ridiculous!
But now I am settled into my school routine (unfortunately) and can fully say that this semester will hopefully be pretty good!  I love all my teachers and (most of) my classes.

Anyway, tonight was my mom's birthday and so my family and I all went out to dinner, and it was sooo hot that I needed to wear something comfortable.  I didn't wear these shoes to dinner just because we were at a country club and I didn't feel like getting too dressy and wearing heels, but I just bought them last week and am IN LOVE.
Aren't they super cute??

I kind of want to wear them all the time.
I also do not know what has gotten in to me lately, but I have been shopping and spending money waaay more than usual.  Maybe it's because I am working more so I like to treat myself, but I have bought three pairs of shoes in three weeks, which is usually unheard of for me!  Now I have my eye on a pair of over the knee boots but I don't know if I want them in suede or leather...any suggestions?

Hope everyone has a great long weekend and I promise to become a better blogger from now on! :)

oh  BTW:
Does anyone know how to make it so the whole picture fits on the page?? For some reason some of mine show the whole picture, but the shoe ones get cut off! Help!


Leah said...

Fabulous shoes... you look so lovely in that outfit.

Have a great weekend to you too.

Erika said...

I adore DVF. Thus, I am positive that I must make those shoes mine. You look adorable - love the way that dress looks with your new footwear! :)

Eva Internazionale said...

Lovely shoes. They go with the dress really well!

Natalie said...

those DVF shoes are amazing! :)


mom & son said...

your outfit is as beautiful as you!
gorgeous shoes too!

CC said...

That dress is lovely! :)


CC said...

And for the pictures, Change your layout. Go to templates and choose Tekka or Sand Dollar. That way your blog will get divided into two columns - one for your followers and blogroll etc and a bigger one for your writing. That way you have put up pictures as big as you want. :)

Lizzie said...

Thanks CC!! That helped!

yiqin; said...

Super super rad shoes!

Aya Smith said...

Oh, that really is a wonderful dress!!! The simplicity makes it easy to wear in so many ways, I think... and the shoes are perfect with it!

S.Elisabeth said...

Love the shoes!!! And cute dress

PS I LOVE your DIY Marc Jacobs below, brilliant!

Ashley said...

Oh, I'm so jealous you're still at college, I miss it so much! Anyways, happy birthday to your mom! And I love your shoes!


Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous outfit, darling!
And how awesome that you love all your teachers!

As for over-knee boots, I love stretch suede ~ less hooker-y than leather... But I must admit I am smitten with those Stella McCartney perforated vegan leather over-knee boots too!


Grechen said...

love those shoes!! where did you find them?