Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Gloom

I don't really have much planned for today, maybe I will run in to town and do a couple of errands, but today is still pretty gloomy out.  I can't believe this weather!  I would love it even more if it was cold, but this gloom combined with weird heat and rain is confusing me so much.

I am on my second mug of coffee so far.  Look at my mug, isn't it cool!  It is one of those porcelain ones with the silicone lids that look like Starbucks cups.  I got it at FIDM and I LOVE it.  

And finally I have included a picture of my sleeping puppy (he's not really a puppy, I just call him that).  For some reason he likes to sleep next to his bed, which is weird, but whatever, he's cute :)

Tunic: Urban Outfitters (only$4.50!!)
Leggings: Forever 21

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lazy Day

Today was another lazy day...since I do not have a real job yet, I basically just do nothing but sew all day, and occassionally venture out shopping or go on a walk.  I have been working on a really cute romper, but I am stuck as to how I should make the top...but hopefully I can finish it soon and wear it!
I wore this outfit all day, minus the heels, but I thought this looked really cute with my new shoes :)

Sweater: Target
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Steve Madden