Friday, July 31, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

I have been exploring the website a lot recently because, as I'm sure all of you have seen, they have been having giveaways with a bunch of bloggers and a jacket giveaway on twitter.  They have absolutely amazing things and I decided to make a list of my TOP 5 favorite things (in no particular order):
First up are these AMAZING booties.  These would look so cute with jeans, or with some black tights and a dress when it starts getting cold again!
Loeffler Randall Black Vachette Hope V

These J Brand jeans have been popping up on celebrities everywhere lately, and for good reason!  Look at how cute they are!  Since the whole bleached out trend it started to come back, these are the absolute perfect item.  And they are HOT.

J Brand Trasher Pencil Leg 

When I saw this little romper I just fell in love.  I love everything about it, but my favorite detail is the little zipper down the front.  Just so cute!  And it has a little tailored feel so it will give you a tiny waist.

Yumi Kim Narcissus Nyla Romper

And this is my dream jacket.  I am completely obsessed with this.  I have a big thing for Sherlock Holmes and this just fits my fantasy of living in that time period, but with a modern flair.  It is just too beautiful for words.  
ELIJAH Billow Sleeve Jacket

And finally, this little cupcake of a dress from Alice+Olivia is just precious.  I wish they had this when I was in high school so I could wear it to prom!  Just too cute...

Alice+Olivia Peach Madison Dress

If you like any of these items just head on over to where you can buy them!
I am still recovering from my little mess on my face but I will try and take some outfit pics this weekend!
xoxox Happy Friday everyone

(edit: sorry it seems that my links are not working for some reason...)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keira Keira Keira

Ok so sorry for a lack of updates, but I had to get a little something done to my face and now I have to let it heal :( (I know very mysterious but it was no big deal).  SO, since I have a giant bandage on my cheek, no outfit post BUT I will be writing about my absolute favorite actress in the world:  KEIRA KNIGHTLEY!

No I know that a lot of people don't like her, but I think that she is the most beautiful woman in the entire world, and although sometimes she wears some...odd...outfits, I normally covet everything she wears.  (Btw, I am only going to be using her daily life outfits, not premieres or anything).

I LOVE this bag and want it right now!  I wish I could see this outfit a bit more because it just looks so casual and chic. 

This is Keira with her bf Rupert Friend, and she wore this last year and I instantly wanted to buy that bag she has.  It is the cutest thing.  Have to go look around some vintage stores...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT.  That is all.  It's perfect.  

She got a lot of flack for wearing these pants but I actually think they look great on her.  I am in love with all things high-waisted and these just work for me!

Cute dress and LOVE the shoes. 

This dress I'm kind of like, ehhh, but I love her sandals and what she did with her hair. 

I love this sweater poking out of the coat look.  This pic is a little older, but she still looks great!

All pictures from

Have a great Friday everyone!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Giveaways

Hello everyone!

I have a few more giveaways for you to enter!

First:  Daily Candy has been having a 100 Day giveaway with really cool prizes.  You can enter by clicking here.  I REALLY want that bedding, which is really random but it looks so comfortable!

Second:  Savvy Mode is having an awesome Paris Hilton shoe giveaway.  The two shoes she is giving away are super cute!

Enter here!

Third:  Denim Debutante is having an awesome self-tanner giveaway!!  The Arbonne Made in the Shade self tanner goes on with a beautiful color and no streaks!

Enter here!

FOURTH!:  Just My Style blog is also having a giveaway with the wonderful Chickdowntown to win a pair of Current/Elliot jeans, so make sure to head over there and enter!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sienna Miller

I have not always been a big fan of Sienna Miller as an actress, or as herself when she was dating Jude Law, but that was just out of pure jealousy... :).  BUT she is very beautiful and I think that she always looks amazing.  I think that she is one of those girls that can put on anything and still look fabulous and not like she is trying too hard.  

I think this outfit it sooo cute, and I am in love with the yellow oxfords.  This is the perfect menswear made feminine look that I completely adore.  I really just want to go out and buy this outfit right now. 

And this dress that she wore a few years ago (I think it's Marchesa but don't quote me) is just too cute.  I love the length, the layers, and the little rosette detail.  Absolutely beautiful.  

This cute picture of her just out walking her dogs and she still looks great.  I love the huge scarf and can't wait until it is winter so I can start wearing coats and stuff again!

And finally, this picture from the Edge of Love premiere (which is made even better because my girl-crush Keira Knightley is in it, but I will get on to her in a later post), I think Sienna looks fantastic.  I LOVE the booties, love the dress, and love the cardigan.  She just gives off a cool vibe.  

So I just wanted to share some of the things that I love about Sienna Miller's style and give a big shout out to CHICKDOWNTOWN because they are amazing!!  If you guys haven't checked them out make sure to do that!

Have a great night!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Gardens

Today was a beautiful, hot day so I decided to wear a cute dress that I haven't worn in a long time.  I went down to the FIDM campus to see the Emmy costumes but we stupidly didn't check to see what day it opens-- July 29!! So we went down there for nothing, but I decided to take some pictures of my outfit on the beautiful campus. 

I just bought this nail polish and I'm OBSESSED with it.  It is OPI for Sephora and it is exactly the shade that I have been looking for for forever!!

I love this campus it's so gorgeous!  Also, if any of you guys live in Los Angeles and want to try a new place, there is this DELICIOUS market/cafe called Bottega Louie on Grand Ave and it is so cute and amazing.  I definitely recommend it.

Dress: H&M
Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Repetto
Purse: Deux Lux (on sale at UO for $10!!)

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Ugly Truth

This is what I wore today to see "The Ugly Truth" with a friend.  It was sooooo hot today, and I know I am wearing a long sleeved top, but it was really thin cotton so it wasn't too bad. And btw I just cut off the tops of my pictures because I decided to make a really stupid face for some reason...

Anyway, the movie was pretty good, there were a lot of funny moments, but I don't really like romantic comedies, because while they seem plausible, that stuff NEVER happens in real life.  I have probably turned into a huge cynic since I started college, but people just never act like they do in the movies.  No situation ever comes out with this happy perfect ending.  

But I guess that is why they are just entertainment movies.  Ahh sorry I am just complaining.  I need to learn to hide my cynicism better because no one likes a cynic! Hahaha
In this outfit: 
Top, Belt, and Shorts: UO
Shoes: Uggs (Yes, you read that correctly!  They are the comfiest pair of shoes I own!)
Hope every one has had a great day!  I sure have!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beauty's In The Eye of The Beholder

Normally I don't like to show people work that I do but I just wanted to share a charcoal drawing that I just finished for my art class.  We had to copy a master artist and I picked a piece by Degas of the ballerina in a blue and white tutu.  I am super proud of it and I actually think it came out really well.  I am by no means a good draw-er or artist so I think this is pretty good for a beginner!  (Sorry the angle is weird but it was in class and I couldn't get too good of a view)
Anyway, today since I am lounging in leggings and a tank (I did have summer school all day...) I decided to do a post on makeup.  I am in LOVE with my makeup set-up.  My mom made it for me for my birthday one year and it just makes me feel like a movie star!  The lights around it light up, but they get really hot after a while so I normally leave them off. 

Here are a few of my daily essentials:
The benefit tinted moisturizer is wonderful, but it is more like a concealer because it is sooo thick! Then the cargo blush is just the prettiest color and the smashbox powder is THE BEST I have found, but it is just sooo expensive!  Then Maybelline's Lash Stiletto mascara is actually really nice!  I think they are still having a buy one get one free thing at CVS.

And finally, I leave you with a picture of my little muffin.  Isn't he so cute?!
I realize he looks kind of weird here but he likes to sleep on my bed and I just peered around and took a little picture in his face so I'm sure he wasn't very happy...


Free Stuff!

Hey guys, so I have been trying to enter giveaways and get free stuff because I am completely broke and that is never good when you love clothes so much :)
The Glamourous Grad Student is hosting a giveaway from Chickdowntown for a super cute Tolani Scarf.  

 Click here to enter!

Enter here

ALSO Femme Rationale is doing a Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans giveaway!  Make sure to check it out and enter here!

Hope everyone is great!  When I finally force myself to make a cute outfit I will definitely post something...probably tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Stuff

So lately I have been going shopping kind of a helps me get through summer school :)
I hit up the Sale on Sale at Urban Outfitters and picked up some cute sweaters for Fall but my FAVORITE thing is this:

How cute is it!! It was only $15 from Forever 21 and I can't wait to find something to wear it with...not quite sure yet but I will definitely find something!!
Hope everyone's having a great day

Friday, July 17, 2009

Something New

Here is a skirt I made a few months ago, but I haven't had a chance to wear it much.  It's made out of heavy denim, and I'll admit I broke a few needles on my sewing machine making it! It did not come out EXACTLY as I had planned, but overall, I love it.

(I wasn't wearing any makeup so I didn't want a major face shot haha)

Shirt: Banana Republic
Belt: Forever 21

Also, thanks to snapshotfashion and Chickdowntown for my new Moyna clutch!! I can't wait to get it!
Hope everyone is having/had a great Friday!