Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fingers Crossed!!

I have been keeping an eye on this pair of shoes every since I saw them on Carolina from The Fashion Squad...I thought they were amazing, but I just didn't feel like paying full price since I knew that they would not get a TON of wear, just for certain occasions because I would feel too self conscious in them for everyday wear, you know? :)

Anyway, I saw other people wearing these Aldo ones, which really look exactly the same, and they were ON SALE at Amazon, but I was still waiting for them to go lower....but they never did :(
So lo and behold, I go and check the other day and THE BRONX SHOES ARE ON SALE!!! For even LESS than the Aldo ones! I could not believe it! So I quickly put them in my cart, but the little sign was blinking saying ONLY 2 LEFT IN STOCK!! And then it would switch and say 1 and then go back to was weird...
So I paid for them and i haven't received a shipping confirmation so I am hoping against all hope that I got one of the last pairs! Now they are completely sold out in my size, which is obvious because when those shoes are 46% off you don't expect them to last long!
So I am keeping my fingers crossed...I need these shoes!!


Kinsey said...

The shoes are gorgeous, so jealous you bought a pair of heels like those.
they would look great with denim pants and skirt or dresses!
Good luck I hope you got one of the last pair!

E said...

Get them! I thought about getting myself, but I need to hold off on spending for a while!

kaitlyn said...

good luck!! the black pair is so hot

Sushi said...

Love those shoes so much! Hope you get yours soon! Which colour did you end up going with? x Sushi