Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Stuff!

Hey guys, so I have been trying to enter giveaways and get free stuff because I am completely broke and that is never good when you love clothes so much :)
The Glamourous Grad Student is hosting a giveaway from Chickdowntown for a super cute Tolani Scarf.  

 Click here to enter!

Enter here

ALSO Femme Rationale is doing a Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans giveaway!  Make sure to check it out and enter here!

Hope everyone is great!  When I finally force myself to make a cute outfit I will definitely post something...probably tomorrow!

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A said...

Hi Lizzie, it's A. from The Glamourous Grad Student. Congrats, you won!! But you didn't leave an email address for me to contact you at... Think you could email me with your mailing details?